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Riff Training Level 2 PDF

Riff Training Level 2 PDF


The learning continues with book 2 of the Riff Training series!

Over 200 pages containing hundreds of exercises and routines, you will never run out of ideas again!
Pick hand speed and endurance workouts. These new workouts will push your picking to new levels of speed and control.
Advanced coordination exercises. The exercises in this section will dramatically improve your pick hand skill and coordination between the hands.
Legato workout. This workout will improve your speed, control and timing.
Four note per string exercises. 4 note per string playing takes years to master, this book gives you practically everything you need to master the art.
Sweep picking. Over 30 pages full of 5 string arpeggios, multi string sequences, combinations, inversions, sweep tapped arpeggios… everything you need!
Dozens of arpeggios, triads, sevenths and ninths.
Entire chapter on tapping. This chapter covers basic exercises to tapped scales, arpeggios, coordination exercises and much more.
New rhythmic exercises and application ideas. Quintuplets, Septuplets, advanced subdivision exercises, grouping and displacement ideas. Your timing and rhythmic understanding will improve massively with this book.
Four practice pieces and 40 licks. 2 pick hand practice pieces, 2 sweep picking pieces and dozens of licks using all techniques covered in the book.
Scales, arpeggios and practice ideas. The book is rounded off with the modes and arpeggios of the major, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales. This is followed by pages of practice suggestions and examples.
This Book Will Give Any Guitarist Years Of Work And Creative Practice!

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