Drum Book

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    The purpose of this course is to give you a clear, simple weekly routine that will dramatically increase the speed and power on your practice pad and ultimately, on the drum kit. 
    Machine S.P.E.C. is a 3 day per week practice plan that can be slotted into your weekly practice routine and used to produce increases in speed, power, endurance, and control every month. By utilising subtle metronome increases every 4 weeks you will see a constant improvement, and due to the plan only taking a few hours per week, it can be maintained for many months. 
    • Easy to learn
    • Only 3 days per week. Simple to slot into your lifestyle
    • Can be used for several years to develop crazy speed
    • Focused on the goals of speed, power, endurance and control. No fluff exercises
    Q) How will this book help you? 
    A) This book structures a practice routine for you. This routine works uses effective, easy to learn exercises on various playing surfaces to develop the muscles need to play hard and fast. 
    Q) How does it work?
    A) The plan is designed to be very easy to follow, with easy exercises that will be performed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
    Monday - Wrist Power and Speed
    Wednesday - Finger Strength and Control
    Friday - Balance, Unisons, Endurance
    Q) How long does each routine take?
    A) Each routine takes between 60 and 90 minutes. This will vary depending on the rest times you take between sets.
    Q) What happens once I complete the 4 week of workouts?
    A) You have a few choices...
    Q) You're a guitarist! Why should I take advice from you?
    Q) I get very sore during/after a workout, should I continue?
    Q) How do I calculate my tempos?
    Q) What equipment do I need?
    Q) I don't have a Moongel Pad, what can I use instead?
    Q) I want to practice every day, can I do this routine 7 days a week?
    A) No. Rest is essential.
    Q) Why is the routine only 4 weeks?
    Q) I'm not very good at finger control and I can't do the exercises on day 2, what should I do?
    A) Spend this time working on your finger control. There are plenty of tutorials for finger control development on the Internet, for free.