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Riff Training Book Series

This book contains everything you need to master metal guitar playing!

Increase Your Fret Hand Stretching.
Learn How To Warm-Up Properly Before You Play.
Develop Exceptional Coordination.
New To Sweep Picking?
Two Pick Hand Workouts To Build Endurance and Speed.
Progress Sheets.
What Does A Drummer Have That Most Guitarists Do Not? A Great Knowledge Of Rhythm.
Performance Pieces

The learning continues with book 2 of the Riff Training series!

Over 200 pages containing hundreds of exercises and routines, you will never run out of ideas again!
Pick hand speed and endurance workouts.
Advanced coordination exercises.
Legato workout.
Four note per string exercises.
Sweep picking.
Entire chapter on tapping.
New rhythmic exercises and application ideas.
Four practice pieces and 40 licks.
Scales, arpeggios and practice ideas.

This Book Will Give Any Guitarist Years Of Work And Creative Practice!

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